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 After School Programs

PARENTS: “Who Else Wants Cheerful, Polite, Studious Kids
and to Possibly DOUBLE Their Current Concentration Skills?”

The A.S.K. Pick-up is FREE

“My daughter Brooklyn has been attending After School Karate for about a year and we find the Instructors a godsend. With this program I was able to actually work a full time job. The After School Karate program picks the kids up from school with no additional charge to me for the ride (it is a courtesy ride paid for by the After School Karate), brings them to the Karate Arts School, they make them do their homework and then they have Karate class. It is very professional, the kids love it and my daughter has made a lot of friends since coming here. And I will keep her in this program for as long as we live in this town. I would actually hate to move away from here with the military because I would miss Karate Arts. It is very reasonably priced. You will not find a more positive activity for your children anywhere. And to Karate Arts A.S.K. Program, I thank you and my daughter Brooklyn thanks you.” (Kimberly Salmon)

So do YOU want to be part of the Karate Arts After School Karate Program? Are you ready to make new friends? Be sure that you show this to your parents and maybe have a family meeting about it. You and your family are invited to meet Sensei Lee and Sensei Connie and see for yourselves.

Here’s what some of the parents of Karate Arts A.S.K. students are saying:

*Time Saver, No Rushing, More Quality Time Together, Improved Self-Esteem, and Affordable…
"For a working mother, like me, Karate Arts after school karate program is a Godsend. Not only does my son get safe, affordable after school care but he also gets homework assistance as well as a daily karate classes. And I love it because of the time it saves. I don't have to worry about rushing him to yet another extracurricular activity and I don't have to spend time every evening working on his homework. I merely have to review the homework he did while at Karate Arts and insure it is correct. That means we get to spend more quality time together. I recommend this program to all working parents. It’s safe, affordable and you get the joy of watching your child learn a new art which establishes self-esteem and discipline. What more could you ask for?" (Jennifer Nelson, Paralegal)

KARATE ARTS A.S.K Program: 904-722-0110 – Limited Spaces Available, Call Now!

*Easy on Mom, Homework Gets Done, Life Skills, More Fun in A.S.K. than Anywhere Else, Same Costs with TWICE the Benefits, Improved Physical and Coordination Skills… “My daughter has been in this Program for at least one year. I absolutely love it. It has been very instructional as well as educational for my daughter Charla. It has been extremely easy for me in that I don’t have to worry about her activities after school. She is able to get her homework done, as she develops skills that will help carry her through life. Before, Charla participated in the normal public school after school care and she did summer camps at the Y. Now that we have found this program she attends the After School Karate and she attends the summer camps held here too. If there is no school for holidays and teacher planning days, After School Karate holds an all day Karate Camp. She has more fun here than just about anything she has ever been involved in. The pricing is very reasonable. If you take the cost of a good Daycare and the price of a good Karate Class, it works out to be the same cost with twice the benefits and convenience. We originally enrolled Charla in the program to enhance her physical abilities and her coordination which is something most schools don’t provide enough of. For instance P. E. is only once a week and recess is done as a per availability basis. This is something that definitely gives her the ability to be very physical and develop coordinative skills and I see the difference at home.” (Mrs. Beverly Hamilton)

*More Free Time for Busy Single Mom, No More Fighting Over Homework, Convenience, Improved Conduct at Home and In School, Grades Went From D’s to A’s and B’s…
“I’ve got my daughters involved in the After School Karate Program because as a single parent such as myself; It freed up some of my time. I didn’t need to go to two different schools and then go to Karate, wait an hour during their Karate class, then take them home and fight with them to do their work. It is all done by the time I get off of work. What a convenience. It also strengthened their behavior skills, improved their studies and improved their conduct in school. I have seen a big difference from the time they started up till now in their conduct in school. Their grades have went from D’s to A’s and B’s. Their conduct at home has improved as well as their attitude toward Karate. The instructors at After School Karate easily relate to the kids and their discipline methods I respect quite a bit. They work with the kids to maintain a high grade level and that I truly appreciate.” (Vanessa Buttars)

*More Positive than Daycare, Fulfilled All Needs, Fun for Kids, Completed Homework, Cries to Go Back, Better Organization Skills, Recommends to Family and Friends…
“I needed someone other than a babysitting daycare to work with my kids on a more impactful and positive After School Activity/sports. And this is the first program that fulfilled all of my needs. It is fun to see them stretching out on the floor instead of just laying there watching mindless television. With this After School Karate program my kids not only have fun after everyday of school, they have also completed their homework there, which takes a tremendous load off of me all I did was check it. I had to take my oldest daughter out for a while to personally help with some school issues all she did was cry, I want to go back, I want to go back. Through this program, my oldest one has learned that she has to organize her time now. She has less time to do her homework so she is learning to prioritize her time, because she loves her classes. We would recommend this program to anyone, we already have to our friends and relatives.” (Kelly Holochwost)

*Great Experience for Mother and Daughter, Child Can Meet Goals in Life…
“After School Karate has been a great experience, not only for me but for my daughter Logan. She has learned a great deal and they are excellent about picking them up from school and taking them to the Karate School. This makes my week go a lot easier as a working Parent. It is a very, very great program to get a hold of if your child is interested in Karate or any type of physical activity of that sort. Again, it is an extremely valuable program and teaches children how to set and meet short and long-term goals.” (Terri Lodge)

KARATE ARTS A.S.K Program: 904-722-0110 – Limited Spaces Available,
Call Now!


-WE pick them up AFTER SCHOOL.

-WE teach them karate, confidence, focus and concentration and boost their self-esteem,
in a fun and structured setting.

-WE help them complete their HOMEWORK.

-YOU pick them up AFTER WORK.
Sensei Lee Barden says, “This isn’t babysitting and it’s not daycare. What we’re doing is trying to teach children life skills that are going to stay with them forever. Babysitting is easy—what we are doing is keeping students structured and disciplined throughout the class. We have a lot of fun, too. Just ask any of our A.S.K. students”

*SPECIAL OFFER: We are expanding our successful A.S.K. program and for a limited time are waving the registration fee, offering free belt testing, and you do not have to sign a contract. Not only that, the price you pay per week is LESS than you would pay if you had your child in daycare and in a karate program. Below is a chart that shows cost averages in the Northeast Florida area. But what price can you put on more quality time with your child? The Karate Arts A.S.K. program gives you that extra time…and so much more.

• FREE Complimentary Pick-up Service from your child’s school Value N/A (although you know that it has a high monetary and emotional value to your child)

• FREE Registration into the Karate Arts A.S.K. Program $40 Value

• FREE Homework Assistance Value N/A
• Average monthly cost for a good karate school is $120 per month (or, $30 per week) $30 Value
• Cost of a good Daycare with after school pick-up service $79 to $119 per week ($99 average) $99 Value
Total Value $169

**But You Pay ONLY $69 per week

Click here for your After School Karate Application

NOTE: Our regular A.S.K. program is already full with an almost zero drop out rate (which is why we don’t need contracts). Since we are expanding the program, for a limited time you can get your child enrolled in this special deal. However, the spaces are extremely limited—so it is first come first serve. Call 744-9995 and ask for Sensei Lee or Sensei Connie with any questions you have, or to make an appointment.
You’ve Got to Admit... There Has to Be Something To the Karate Arts A.S.K. Program. Here’s More of What Parents Are Saying:

*Convenience, Great Price, Tutoring Makes Life Easier, A.S.K. is NOT Babysitting…
“I recommend the After School Karate Program to everyone. The convenience of having my child picked up from school and dropped off at the Karate School, I can’t live without and the price is great for the working parents. You no longer need to pay for daycare and karate classes. This is all wrapped up in one. Also, having a tutor there to help with their homework really makes my life a little easier, freeing me up for a better quality of time spent with my son. The thing I like most about After School Karate is that it is not babysitting. The entire time they are at After School Karate they are developing positive mental and physical attributes that will carry them through their entire life not just the immediate need for self-defense.” (Thomas Cenate)

*Terri and Shaun Love A.S.K., Special Care from Sensei Connie, Increased Pride and Confidence, Rules Bring Discipline…
“I have two children who go to the after school program. I have a daughter, Terri, who is in kindergarten and a son, Shaun, who is in fifth grade. Sensei Lee and Sensei Connie have a genuine concern and love for the kids and it shows in that they are just as concerned that the children succeed in not only karate but that their school work, homework and respect for parents is foremost. My daughter was feeling left out because she does not get homework being in kindergarten, so Sensei Connie made her, her own homework folder in which she shows me all the work she is doing. She is very proud of herself. Shaun’s homework load is large and occasionally calls for Internet access. Karate Arts has no trouble in allowing him to do so with supervision. Shaun has come a long way in being more confident. Terri is becoming more disciplined. The dojo has rules, rules that stay the same for every child, which is a great way to help with respect and discipline. I have recommended Karate Arts for not only their after school program but even the family karate programs. Keep up the great work you do with all the kids! Thank You!” (Donna Henderson)

*Ponce Had a COMPLETE TURNAROUND—“Mommy, Please Don’t Take Karate From Me.”
“I have been recommending the After School Karate program to everybody, not only the people at Ponce’s school but everyone I am employed with as well like the people I work with, especially the ones who have children with behavioral problems. I have been telling everyone. Ever since Ponce has been going here last year, he has grown tremendously, especially with his being more open, being more outgoing. He used to be so shy and now he has been getting involved in everything, at church and at school. He wants to be in different plays, he want to be interactive in everything. And also it has been helping him with his discipline, totally. When he was messing up in school I told him that I was going to take away his Karate classes if he didn’t start controlling his behavior. He said, “Mommy please, no,” because he loves it so much, he has had a complete turn around ever since I said that. I wish I would have said that before because I guess all along he never thought I would take that away from him. But he was like, “Mommy, I love Karate, please don’t take that away from me. I will be good,” and ever since he has been perfect. I recommend it to everybody. This has been a good program for me, especially with my hours. Picking him up after school makes this program an A+ with me. I have had a hard time finding different activities for Ponce that I think are positive, not just somebody picking him up and babysitting him, I want more for my son. The whole program is just fantastic for me. I love it and recommend it to everyone that wants more for their children.” (Valencia Bookart)

*Positive Experience, No More Rushing, Self-Awareness, Alternatives to Fighting…
“The experience my daughter, Akilah Rogers and I have had with the After School Karate program provided by Karate Arts has been a very positive one. It is very convenient for me, being a working Mother, that the program picks Akilah up next door at Merrill Road Elementary. I don’t have to worry about rushing home from work and trying to meet two six o’clock deadlines. That is one of the best things for me. Another thing is that it teaches the kids self-discipline and how to protect themselves, not necessarily with Karate but with self-awareness as well. I also think the experience here is positive in that they are around other children that share the same interests, not in a violent way with the punching and kicking, but in trying to learn positive alternatives to fighting and gaining self-confidence as well.” (Sonya Rogers)

So what are YOUR children doing between the time school
Lets out and the time you get to see them? Is it productive time? Are you really happy with the way things are now?

If you wait to call, it may be too late. Reserve your child’s place in the A.S.K. program.

KARATE ARTS A.S.K Program: 904-722-0110 – Limited Spaces Available, Call Now!


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