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Big Special Pre-Christmas Sale All Best of Series are on sale for 50% off. Just type in the word (Best) into the coupon box at the bottom of the check out page. You can get it in VHS or DVD. Located in the Best of Series Section. Only two days left to get the deal of the year. This sale will not be repeated again this year! So do not delay order now before you miss out on this opportunity. Order your christmas presents early this year and save 50%. Watch greats from the past like Ho Young Pak, Carmichael Simon, Mike Chat, Jon Valera, Jimmy Pham and from the present Kim Do, Daniel Sterling, Casey Marks, DX and many others and who knows you might even see yourself on some of the DVDs, So do not miss this sale order now! Only 2 days left Sale ends 11-18-04!

For School owners resources for them to help grow their schools

Another new product is the Curriclum Video. This is a great extra source of income for the martial art school owner. It is also a great way for them to help their students learn at an accelerated rate. Moms and Dads are always asking the instructor 'Do you have anything my son or daughter can take home to study?'. Until now the school owner would have to say no or give them a home made tape. Now you can have a professionally produced video series completed for less than most companies would charge you. You can sell or rent these videos to your students.

We offer many more valuable services to Karate Schools. Including School Commercials, Cardio-Kickboxing Commercials. These commercials are professionally produced just add your school logo. We work with you to write the copy and we have our professional voice over talent complete your own customized commercial, all for a price that is lower than having one produced in your local market. So call us today for more information at 1-800-711-9403

Yet, another product for the school owner is the Video Tour of your school. Most of the time during the day, when a prospective student or parent would come by the school, there are no classes or if it is during class time the instructor is busy teaching class. With the Video Tour, just pop the tape in the VCR and get out the contracts. Because most people who view a Professionally produced Video Tour will sign up on the spot. If the prospective student does not have time to watch it there, simply give them a copy to take home. They will be back.


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