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What we teach

Karate Arts is a unique, realistic and complete system based on the Lissajous Logic Systems. You will learn practical ways to defend yourself using all four fighting ranges: Kicking, punching, trapping and grappling. You will also learn throws, sweeps, joint locks and extensive weapons training. You will develop better balance, coordination, self-confidence, body mechanics, speed, agility and energy flow.

The Karate Arts approach to the martial arts draws elements from both the traditional and progressive fighting arts. We take a unique approach by combining teachings from many different styles into a fluid and effective full range system. Our system offers benefit for beginners and the expert martial artist. If you are a beginner you will learn the skills and develop the attributes needed to effectively defend yourself in almost any situation. If you have other experience, you will simply enhance your current knowledge and bring your skills to a higher level.

Men, women and children can learn from the Karate Arts program. A person may be strong or weak, heavy or thin, tall or short, fast or slow. At Karate Arts each student is an individual. This system can be adapted to the student's age and individual characteristics.

Our system of training stresses physical, as well as emotional development through self-discipline. Happiness in life is based on the balance of knowledge, academics, achievement, truth, and ultimately excellence!

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